• Having a spare

    Having a Spare “2 is 1 and 1 is none.” This is a common phrase heard in the preparation groups, however, can it help you? Most definitely it can help you and here is how to apply it. There are many devices that can be a single point of failure, which basically means if it […]

  • 1:1s: The art of mentoring

    1:1’s: The art of mentoring Note: this is written in a manager to manager style of communication. Do not skip this, though, if you are not a manager. Read the post with the intent to understand what a 1:1 is for. Maybe your boss wants to implement them, and you’re worried because you have never […]

  • Certifications

    Certifications   When you enter I.T., you hear all about certifications. You may not know what a certification means, and which ones to pursue. You are usually just trying to get your foot in the door and start getting experience to allow yourself to learn. Add to that, every vendor out there has their own […]

  • Labs – Master Skills by Hands-On Training

    Labs – Master Skills by Hands-On Training In any profession, hands-on experience is key to mastering key procedures and concepts. This is no truer than in IT. We have to be able to troubleshoot quickly, learn the latest and greatest in a short amount of time and be able to successfully work with the tools. […]


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