eBook Launch!

I launched Becoming An I.T. Professional:11 Years of Tips and Tricks yesterday, and we are up to 104 downloads so far! The book is free for the next two days, so if you haven’t already picked it up, please do so. I am learning so much from my first launch. I can’t explain to you the joy that you get from launching something that has been a dream for so long. I originally wanted to launch the eBook, for my 10th anniversary with the company I work with, but other projects took time away from it. I had one issue, where I lost the original word file. Had to mind map again and start all over.

Here’s some information to share:

  • Have a great eBook cover
  • Create excitement with your social media friends and family
  • Reach out and ask people to help you
  • Respond with a thank you to all shares and all congratulations
  • Be careful of what link you send. Apparently there are two links to an amazon eBook, and one of them can get your reviews removed. Click on the link that says Share on the book page.

Enjoy the launch day. Don’t stress. It has taken 2 days to get to 100 downloads. The first day was 61 by midnight Eastern U.S. Time.


Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Many people are willing to help you, with just asking them. Some  may not understand what you are doing, they may think you are silly, but the majority of people are happy to help. Get out there and shine!


If you haven’t picked up the book: Click Here. It’s free for the next 2 days. Check out our eBook landing page: Here  The page gives a great description of the book.


If you are getting ready to launch a book or eBook, let me know! I can be contacted at: frank@becominganitpro.com    leave comments below if you have experiencing launching an eBook or regular print book.