Becoming an I.T. Professional: 11 Years of Tips and Tricks

Are you frustrated, trying to break into I.T.? Maybe you are already in I.T. and you are not sure how to progress in your career? Or are you worried about making a transition from a current career to one in I.T.?


Discover tips and tricks from an I.T. Professional, with over 11 years of experience to help you become a Successful I.T. Professional.


Becoming An I.T. Professional: 11 Years of Tips and Tricks

Reading Becoming an I.T. Professional: 11 Years of Tips and Tricks, by Frank Ward, will give you tips you need to start your career or progress it to where you want to be.

What types of tips are in the book?

  • How to get experience since every job wants you to have 1-2 years, but do not want to give them to you.
  • What types of tools can you use to troubleshoot common issues
  • The art of follow up and why it is important
  • Why hands-on experience is key in I.T.
  • What does a solid foundation look like for an I.T. Professional
  • And Much more!


Let this eBook remove your frustration and self-doubt. These tips have been used over the last 11 years to not only keep in the industry but to move up. I started as a Co-op, and worked up to PC Support Analyst, Systems Administrator, I.T. Lead, and finally where I am today, I.T. Manager!


If you want to own a clear, concise, straight to the point book, that gives tips and tricks from an I.T. Professional with over 11 years of experience in I.T. pick up Becoming an I.T. Professional: 11 Years of Tips and Tricks today! Click here to purchase.

Not Convinced?

Read what Tony G, 30 Years of I.T. Experience had to say “Your info was concise and to the point. I think this would be a MAJOR help to people starting in the field. I wish the people I’ve had to hire had read it and fulfilled those requirements. I did not see a spot you missed and as many IT folks do, you didn’t “mysticise” it. “

Had interviews but didn’t get the callback?

There is a full section dedicated to interviewing in the book. These tips will help you get in front of the hiring managers, and make a great impression.

What do you gain from this section:

  • Tips on before getting to the interview
  • What to do during the interview
  • Closing the interview


Remember, I am an I.T. Manager. I base my hiring decisions off of these tips I include in this section.

Why is hands-on experience key in I.T.?

Check out this free section of the book, Hands on Experience. This section explains why hands on is key, and how you can get started with labs.


How many other authors give you a section for free? Check it out and see how this book can help you become a successful I.T. Professional

 Read  a free chapter here! BecominganITProfessional_Labbing



Frank this information is great but what am I going to really get in this book? Glad you asked! Here is the table of contents of the book Becoming An Successful I.T. Professional: 11 Years of Tips and Tricks.


Still not convinced? Check out what another reader had to say about the book.

Here’s what Jeremy W, had to say: ”

Sources: 5/5
Well written : 5/5

Cons: This book is VERY well written and goes into detail but there should be more summarizing.(Get straight to the point in some chapters but then again this book was written as an information guide.)”

Own this book today, and really ramp up your career. Use these FOCUSED tips help move you along quicker.  This books tips has the advice you need to become successful. Let the book remove your doubts with ready to implement targeted information. The areas are broken down into bitesize subjects for easy implementation!


Stuck in a career rut?

The section on being the captain of your career can help guide you choose where you want to go, and how to pick the path!

Tips include:

  • Choosing the next title
  • Finding out the skills you need
  • Bouncing ideas off of your boss
  • Talking to a coach to help guide you


Do not let this opportunity of all these tips get away from you. These tips are delivered from an I.T. Manager who has over 11 years’ experience. These tips throughout the book will help guide you to a successful career in I.T. Whether you are just starting college and want to figure out how to get your first job in I.T. Whether you are already in I.T. and are being promoted from a help desk, or another position and need help to level up! This book can help you become a more Successful I.T. Professional and become a great contributor to a team.


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Frank Ward has 11 Years of experience, is an I.T. Manager and loves coaching and mentoring. BecominganITProfessional

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